Top 5 New Soccer Uniforms We’re Most Looking Forward to in 2013-14

Football fans all around the world in this part of the time awaits for the new uniform kit. The kit sponsor these days compete against each other to bring out the best kits for the respective kits. The kits for the next season are in speculation among the fans. There are a good number of kits that the fans across the world are keeping a good eye on it. Here is the list of the top five uniform kits that are under a high amount of speculations.

  • To top the chart is the uniform kit of Boca juniors. The football club from Brazil with its new kit will be using the most unusual colored kit. The unusual color combination of the kit makes it the most looked after uniform kit. The team was supposed to use the kit in the team’s matches.



  • The second most sort-after uniform kit for the season 2013/14 is the away uniform of France. This is a very simple but bold blue colored kit. The team had a good kit in the Euro 2012 and Nike from that has carried on well to get yet another good uniform for the team. The highlight of the kit is the French flags on the sleeves of the uniform.
  • Third most awaited kit for the season of 2013/14 is of the Spanish club giants Barcelona. The away uniform kit has undergone a good amount of changes. The team will be wearing the famous Spanish combination of yellow and red. The design along the sleeves of this away kit again speaks a whole lot for the new kit. Again Nike, the kit sponsor of Barcelona has done a perfect job assuring that the team has got the perfect amount of style.


  • Puma, the company that keeps everyone surprised with their new designs has come up with yet another cool design that makes the kit most sort after. The Uruguay away kit is ranked number four when it comes to kit speculation. The cool collar of the kit makes it the sort after kit for the next season.

The Swedish jersey for the next season has the same old color combination. But Adidas, the jersey sponsor has done a good color mixing in both the shorts as well as the shirt to make it bolder. This kit ranks fifth in the list.

Adidas BOOST- Cushioning Technology

Shoes are one of the most important things in any sort of sports. Without a comfortable shoe it becomes very difficult for the runners to have a good time in the field. Previously the sole of the shoe was made up of a material known as the EVA. This was the material used by the shoe makers to produce the running shoes for the sports people. It ran the market for a great period of time. But it had its own limitations in a shoe due to the EVA midsole material. There were complaints in which the midsole get un-responsive after a certain period of time. Under a testing temperature circumstances that is under a good amount of heat or cold the EVA goes flat.


So to avoid all these limitations and to provide the runners with the best comfort, the shoe makers giant Adidas came with the boost technology. The boost technology is to replace the EVA midsole material. The shoe company has been working on this technology and has finally come up with the product. This technology is defined to give a great amount of comfort while running wearing the shoes. Reportedly the new technology is responsive at any weather condition and also provides the much needed comfort. The shoe performs the way the manufacturers describe it. Indeed the shoes are comfortable while running along with it. It is responsive at any extreme of temperatures.


The best thing claimed by the manufacturers about the shoes is that it helps in saving energy. When the foot lands on the ground some energy is wasted but this shoes with the help of the boost technology saves the energy and provides back the much required energy while running. This feature proves to be a refreshing one while running. It provides a good amount of support and extra bit of energy while running. So this new technology from the factories of the leading shoe maker is here to stay. The boost shoes are the new ones that you can select while running in any of the athletic sports event that you need to take part in.

Things to Know Before You Buy – Baseball & Softball Helmet

This time of the season is dedicated to the two most played games that are the baseball and softball. This is the time when all across the United States of America the parks are filled with children playing or practicing this game. It is that time of the season when the range of baseball and softball equipments is up for sale. This time of the year marks the highest amount of sales in for these equipments. If you are thinking to buy your child a few baseball and softball accessories, then make sure that you have a good idea of what you are looking for.


If you are having a girl then softball equipments are the one you will be looking for and if you have a boy then baseball is his sport. Unlike the name of the game softball, the ball used in the game is quite opposite. It is as hard as the one you use in a baseball game. The only difference being is that it is a bit large in size. You can buy a ball for your child so that they can practice in the home. Apart from it each player requires to own a set of gloves. You can also buy a bat for your kiddo for practicing before the game. After these comes the main equipment, the protective gears. Playing the game without a helmet is quite a risky thing for your child so it is always advised to buy all the protective measures.


Now for the baseball you would first need a bat. These bats are a bit longer than the softball bats and are available in different materials. Selecting them is an easy task as previously the bats were made up of wood and now the metal bats are used more. There are also a whole amount of protective gears available in the market to keep your child safe while playing the game. So, before entering a sports shop for buying the equipments make sure that you have a perfect idea of what you are looking for. This will save you from the salesman who can make you spend a great amount of money.

Home exercise equipment: Finding the right machine

Having a personal home exercising equipment in your home can be beneficial in two ways. First, is that it will stop you from spending money on the membership fees of the health clubs. The second one being that if you have a busy schedule still you can spend the few minutes for health as the gym is now at your home.  Before you go up in the market for buying some of the health equipments for your home, you should make sure that you have got a good idea on what will be good for you. There are chances of you getting in the market and spending money on items that are not necessary for you to buy.


First is you may decide on what type of machine you want. There are health equipments that increase the metabolism in the body while some of them are good for the cardiovascular exercise. So, it is you who have to decide on what type of exercise you would like to undergo. As on this decision you can set up your personal home gym. After this you also need to decide on the amount of expenditure you are ready to bear. As the health markets are filled with equipments that are available at different prices. Getting a good idea about your budget you can easily decide which one to buy. As now you are ready with the knowledge about your budget and also the type of exercising machine you are looking for.

It now time to buy them, while buying you can buy it online and get it delivered to your door step or also you can go to a sports shop to buy all the equipments personally. While buying them you should go through the different options and also get a good idea about the reviews of the products. These reviews of the health equipments will let you know how good the product will be when you work on with it. So, go ahead and buy yourself the best health device to keep yourself fit without going to any of the health clubs.

Best 2013 Football Boots – Nike Mecurial’s

Football boots have been one of the most important parts of a game. It helps the players to perform to the next level. The technology that is evolving by every passing day has changed a lot. The engineering has also come up in the world of football boots. The shoe making giants Puma, Adidas and Nike all are up launching their new technology in the boots for the football star in you. The Nike’s Mecurial is one of the latest launches in the series of football boots.


Recently, the company has launched its Mecurial vapor IX in the market. This boot is known to provide the best amount of acceleration to every player. The cuts and the design in the boot are engineered to provide the amount of speed that is required by any player while playing the game.


The game of football has changed a lot and now it depends totally on the speed of the game play and individual skills. There are few people in the game those who can live up to the expectations of fighting the new born challenges in the speed of the game. This new boot form the stores of Nike are all set to provide the required amount of cutting edge when speed and skill is concerned. This boot is sleek in design and is light weighted thus providing the much required control to a football player to successfully deliver the skills.


The outer layer of the boots is engineered to provide the much needed support and touch to the player. This covering gives you the total support while playing the game. The upper layer is designed with the latest engineering to give the great touch to the ball. The studs of the boots are designed to give the footballer the much required speed while playing. The studs of the boots provide a great amount of grip to player while running. So, this new boots from the sporting giant Nike is sure to rule the world of football. It is set to be launched in the upcoming international fixtures after the club football season comes to end.